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High quality portable multiparameter patient monitor price
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High quality portable multiparameter patient monitor price

Prices $500.00 - $900.00 / Sets
Model TOP-B1030
Product Details

General instruction:
Portable Patient Monitor (Figure 1-1) is adaptable to adult, pediatric and neonatal usage. It can monitor vital signals as ECG, Respiratory Rate, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and IBP. It integrates parameter measuring modules, display and recorder in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability. Replaceable built-in battery facilitates transportation of Patient. Large high-resolution display provides clear view of 5 waveforms and full monitoring parameters.
The POWER switch is on the left quarter of the front panel (in Figure 0 1). The POWER indicator(in Figure 0 1) and the BATT indicator ( in Figure 0 1) lights when the device is powered on. The ALARM indicator flashes or lights when alarm occurs ( in Figure 0 1).The sockets of the sensors are at the right side. The recorder socket is at the left side. Other sockets and power plug-in are at the back.


Working 0 ~ 40 (℃)
Transport and Storage-20 ~ 60 ()


Working-500 to 4,600m(-1,600 to 15,000ft)
Transport and Storage-500 to 13,100m(-1,600 to 43,000ft)

Power Supply
100~250 (V) AC, 50/60 (Hz) Pmax=40VA FUSE T 1.6A

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